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List of DALEEL’s expected upcoming tenders :

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No. Subject Issue Date Status
613 Two years Call -out Contract for Process Safety Management Training 12/03/2022 Active
626 Medical Insurance Coverage for Daleel Employees and their Dependents 27/04/2022 Active
595 Cisco Access Switch 25/05/2022 Active
631 Provision of Chemical Water Shut-Off Services 05/06/2022 Active
616 Provision of Daleel Exhibition Booth 09/09/2022 Active
641 QHSSE Event Management Services 14/09/2022 Active
624 Umbrella Contract for Renewal of General Insurance Policies of Daleel Petroleum 20/09/2022 Active
633 Provision for BORHOLE Image Processing and Interpretation 21/09/2022 Active
635 Construction of fire station and clinic building & Construction of Daleel Auto workshop facilities 27/09/2022 Active
659 Pipeline & Facilities Maintenance 28/09/2022 Active
640 Purchase of Portable Gas Detectors 05/10/2022 Active
657 Provision of 10 Ton HIAB truck with helper 14/10/2022 Active
625 Provision of Hotel Accommodation and Training Venues 14/10/2022 Active
650 Procurement of Production consumable materials - Phase2 16/10/2022 Active
651 Supply & Delivery of Demulsifier 16/10/2022 Active
646 Inspection, supply and maintenance WSW card readers system 19/10/2022 Active
660 Field Inventory stocktaking and Fixed asset verification and Tagging 23/10/2022 Active
644 IMS Consultantation, Internal Audit, Documantation,QHSSE Training &Awareness 28/10/2022 Active
642 Provision of Personal Protective Equipment & Accessories 04/11/2022 Active
648 Procurement of OHL equipment and spares 11/11/2022 Active
643 Security System Maintenance For Field & HQ 12/11/2022 Active
656 Supply of Fuel, Operate and Maintain Fuel Station at Daleel Field 16/11/2022 Active
591 Cabling Provisioning Services 16/11/2022 Active
638 Provision of Permanent Well Pulling Hoist (WPH)Services 24/11/2022 Active
592 Tenable Vulnerability Management System 25/11/2022 Active
649 Procurement of Power Plant transmission tools and equipment- Phase2 27/11/2022 Active
655 Provision of well testing for Exploration and other production wells 28/11/2022 Active
588 Blade SAN Switch 02/12/2022 Active
593 Redhat Support Service 04/12/2022 Active
653 Supply of Mobile Chemical Injection Skids 13/12/2022 Active
652 Supply of H2S Scavenger and Catalyzed Oxygen Scavenger and Associated Services 28/12/2022 Active
632 Provision of Daleel Solar PV Power Plant 31/12/2022 Active
637 Provision of Third Party Inspection Services 05/01/2023 Active
639 Provision of Emergency Response Services 16/01/2023 Active
636 Price Agreement for Supply & Delivery of Flanges 01/02/2023 Active
589 Enterprise Backup Storage Systems 04/02/2023 Active
590 Enterprise Unified Storage Systems Design 21/03/2023 Active
587 Supply and Installation of Video Conferencing System for the Board room 04/04/2023 Active
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