About Us

Our History

Daleel Petroleum was established in 2002, as a joint venture between Mezoon Petrogas SAOC (Subsidiary of MB Holding) and Mezoon Petrogas BVI (Subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation). Our main stakeholder, then and now, is the Government of the Sultanate of Oman.

Our journey of growth and continuous improvement, occurred in 3 stages of development: Study & Analysis, Stable Growth and Production Leap.

Our growth as an oil producer is closely mirrored by our steadily increasing engagement with the communities in which we operate. From a modest start in 2002, we have grown our social investments to nearly OMR 1 million for diverse community projects. We have also enhanced the value retained in the Omani economy through greater opportunities for local talent and enterprises.

  • Study & Analysis

    Years: 2002-2004
    Production: 4,500 bpd
    Lead Technology: Conventional


  • Stable Growth

    Years: 2004-2008
    Production: 15,000+ bpd
    Lead Technology: Non-Conventional


  • Production Leap

    Years: 2008 Onwards
    Production: 50,000+ bpd
    Lead Technology: Horizontal Water-Flooding
    Social Investment & ICV Spend: OMR 240 million