Operational Excellence


Daleel Petroleum operates main five oil fields in Block 5: Daleel, Shadi, Bushra, Mazoon & Furat. Daleel field is the main production field with the highest porosity and permeability. Our most important reservoirs are Natih and Shuaiba.


Our success in increasing production from Block 5 is clearly demonstrated by the massive increase in oil production since 2002. The daily average production rate increased from around 5,000 bpd to 50,000 bpd, most of which was then exported to the Main Oil Line (MOL).

In 2023, Daleel has achieved Zero Routine Flaring, Seven Years ahead of the World Bank's target! This remarkable achievement is a demonstration of our dedication to Oman's vision, the future of our planet, and our children's right for a brighter future.

Through this remarkable achievement, we have not only contributed to a cleaner and healthier environment but we have also maximized the value of produced associated gas. To date, Daleel have recovered 440,000 tons of LPG, 2.8 million barrels of NGL, and exported 28 billion standard cubic feet of Lean Gas. These numbers speak volumes about our dedication and the positive environment impact we have made.