In Country Value

Daleel Petroleum is committed to the development of the Omani economy through an optimised In-Country Value (ICV) programme. We play a leading role in the ICV Committee of the Oil & Gas sector in collaboration with other operators, and under the guidance of the Ministry of Oil & Gas.


As leaders in oil production efficiency, we believe it's our responsibility to be heavily involved in the ICV Committee of the Oil & Gas. Our In-Country Value (ICV) program is designed to benefit business development, contribute to Omani citizens, and stimulate productivity in the Omani economy.

ICV Pillars
  1. Commitment by Daleel Shareholders, Management & Employees towards establishing, driving and executing strategic ICV plans in a sustainable manner
  2. Promotion of ICV internally and externally through awareness programmes, training and dissemination of information
  3. Integration of ICV initiatives into Daleel’s business processes and corporate objectives & KPIs
  4. Optimisation of ICV delivery by seeking the best fit and balance between increasing local spend and quality of delivery to ensure competitiveness
  5. Strive for continuous improvement of ICV processes, procedures, execution and benchmarks in an efficient and sustainable manner